VICI Techno Series

Benchmark reliability in measuring cylindrical parts is second to none with the Techno series, which ticks all the boxes for achieving lean manufacturing.

The wide measuring field – from 40 to 180mm in diameter and 300 to 1250mm in length – make the compact, yet ergonomic and robust, machines suitable and adaptable to both your current and future demands.

The maximum load capacity of the largest machines is 60kg, while high-resolution capabilities mean minute features are captured on detailed images. Thanks to an on-board self-calibrating step-master, each part produced by a CNC lathe can be measured on the shop floor, with fast and efficient batch changing leading to greater productivity.

Making immediate inspection and data capture available next to multiple machining centres, to more than one operator, eliminates bottlenecks and leads to a reduction in downtime as there is no need to leave the production environment.

There are multiple benefits, too, of allowing operators more independence during inspection – these include making tool offset adjustments possible before parts become out of tolerance, as well as encouraging immediate preventative actions as indicated by measurement trend graphs.

Such improvements to your quality control will contribute to a significant reduction in rejects and rework.

The specific expertise behind creating the Techno series, where machines boast an LED illuminated area and are complemented by intuitive software, has resulted in a highly efficient range of solutions that will not let you down.

High resolution.
Detailed images to capture minute features.

No more compromises.
Given the wide scope of measurement ranges offered, this machine range is designed to adapt to current and future manufacturing demands.

Tested reliability.
Specific expertise and carefully selected components have created a highly efficient range of solutions.

Heavy duty.
The load capacity of the largest machines has increased by up to 60 kg.

The machine improves productivity.
Operators are more independent during inspection and tool offsets can be adjusted before parts become out of tolerance in order to reduce the amount of rejects produced.

Dimensional control directly on the shop floor.
Each part produced by the CNC lathe can be measured within the production environment.

Greater productivity also on smaller batches.
Batch changing is fast and efficient.

The measuring field on the M1200 series – incorporating the M1209, M1214 and M1218 – is 1250mm in length and ranges from 90mm to 180mm in diameter.

The maximum load capacity on the M1209 is 30kg, increasing to 60kg with the M1214 and M1218.

All provide micron-precision performance in terms of accuracy and repeatability.