The T-SCAN is another hand-held system that delivers a highly precise 3D metrology solution for intuitive 3D data acquisition. Its modular all-in-one concept offers maximum flexibility for a large variety of applications and surfaces.

A modular all-in-one concept

The modular all-in-one laser scanning solution offers maximum flexibility for a wide variety of applications and surfaces.

Early detection of deviations

The mobile measuring solution can be used on the shop floor and offers a fast, intuitive way to measure component parts, analyze and create a digital twin.

Software for a guided workflow

GOM Inspect Suite guides the operator through scanning, probing and inspecting and allows for real-time progress monitoring.

Optical tracking for small and large volumes

Combine a hand-held T-SCAN laser scanner with the optical tracking system of your choice: the established T-TRACK 20 for large measuring volumes of up to 20 m³ – or the new T-TRACK 10 for a smaller measuring volume of up to 10 m³ and higher accuracy. If you want to quickly and reliably capture individual measuring positions, choose the touch probe T-POINT. It’s the perfect solution for single-point measurements on object areas such as trimmed edges and standard geometrics or optically hard-to-reach areas.

GOM Inspect: Intuitive software for a simplified workflow

The modular T-SCAN system operates with GOM Inspect, the all-in-one, user-centered software solution and established standard in 3D metrology. Measurements and inspection can be performed on screen, the parametric function makes all process steps traceable. For a simplified, speedier and more productive workflow.

A wide range of applications

Quality Control and Inspection
  • Nominal-actual CAD-to-part comparison
  • Boundary edge extraction of sheet metal parts
  • Inspection of complex welded structures
  • Shop floor inspection
Tool and Mold making
  • Tool reconstruction
  • Scan data for machining path generation
  • Actual capture following tool approval
  • Capture of complex component dynamics, e.g. during a clamping procedure
Product development and design
  • High dynamic range to scan all kinds of surfaces
  • Scanning of design models for CAD downstream processing and documentation
  • Gage and fixture setup
  • Fast capture of reference geometries and specified areas